About Me

I grew up in a family where reading and books were very important. My earliest memory is of my mother telling me a story while I sat in my cot. Up to about the age of eleven, I used to make up very elaborate stories and entertain my family with them. I never wrote them down – an idea would simply pop into my head, and I would start talking through the script. These monologues could go for hours, and I would create whatever characters the plot called for, and just change voices and accents for each one. Long car trips to the city were often the venue for my performances, with my family adding the occasional ‘guest role’ to my production.

Throughout high school and university, I was encouraged to pursue writing, and after completing a Bachelor of Business and settling into a job, I enrolled in a creative writing course by correspondence. My tutor gave me great encouragement, and after having a couple of articles published, I decided writing was going to be a regular part of my life.

I enjoy writing fiction and non-fiction, but derive the greatest pleasure from writing children’s stories. I particularly like writing picture books. Having spent my childhood on a farm, and now living on a country property, I have lots of inspiration from the varied life that goes on around me.

As for current projects, I have six picture books which are available for sale and which I regularly share with children at preschools and schools, and I compete and present performance poetry – specifically bush poetry.   And like many writers I have manuscripts awaiting consideration at publishers, stories and poems in writing competitions and of course ideas and ponderings in notebooks and on bits of paper – waiting their turn to be made into something complete. Any and all successes will be posted on this website, so call in from time to time to share this adventure with me.